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Bijdragen N-EAHIL dag

Op 9 december 2014 heeft de CBN de 1e N-EAHIL dag georganiseerd , naar aanleiding van:

14th EAHIL Conference “Divided we fall, united we inform – Building alliances for a new European cooperation”, Rome, Italy, 11-13 June 2014


De Nederlandse bijdragen aan dit congres zijn opnieuw gepresenteerd, bovendien heeft 1 van de winnaars van de CBN/ LM Information Delivery beurs, Femke Vluggen een verslag van de EAHIL conferentie gemaakt.


Hieronder de bijdragen van de Nederlandse EAHIL deelnemers:

Femke Vluggen (Orbis Medisch Centrum):  Poster & Verslag EAHIL conferentie

EAHIL : de eerste keer.

Creating value through altmetrics: challenge 2.0 for health libraries.

Guus van den Brekel (UMC Groningen): Workshop + presentatie

Keeping up to date the new way: Apps, Content Curation & Aggregation Tools  Journal Apps: a comparison of 4 Journal Apps specifically designed for personalized reading (medical) scientific literature



Karin van der Hoorn (Walaeus Bibliotheek): Poster

Teaching a systematic approach to literature research : effective use of blended learning and integrated education.

Wichor Bramer (Erasmus MC): Poster + presentatie

Efficiently supporting large numbers of systematic reviews with high quality searches: quick thorough optimization and semi-automatic translation between multiple databases.

Removing duplicates in retrieval sets from electronic databases: comparing the efficiency and accuracy of the Bramer-method with other methods and software packages.

Marion Heymans (Orbis MC), Ingeborg van Dusseldorp (Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden) en  Hans Ket (UBVU): Poster

CATs: an educational instrument for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). 

Lian Hielkema (NHG) en Monique Wessels (KiMS): Presentatie

Power to the patients: the development of a literature search filter for patients’ perspectives and preferences.

Johannes Belt (Walaeus Bibliotheek): Presentatie

Cooperation of libraries within the Leiden University Medical Teaching and Training Region.

Eugenie Delvaux (Máxima Medisch Centrum) en  Ingeborg van Dusseldorp (Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden): Presentatie

The medical information scene in 2020: being agile and beyond.