Advanced Searching for Systematic Reviews, HTA and Guideline Development: Techniques and Resources [PM] (1)

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Date(s) - 11/05/2021
15:00 - 17:00

Online - zie evenement voor meer informatie

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Extensive literature searches are the foundation of high quality systematic reviews, health technology assessment (HTA), guideline development and other major projects. Conducting searches to retrieve research evidence from databases and other resources requires a range of knowledge and skills. There are constant challenges to keeping up-to-date with new database features and approaches to achieving efficient searches. Search approaches may need to be adapted depending on the end-product which the search is informing and the resources available. Search approaches increasingly need to be explained to sponsors and other end-users in terms of the extent to which they are fit-for-purpose.

This workshop will provide opportunities to learn new techniques for search term identification and search structuring, to learn about peer reviews, to learn about search tips and pitfalls, as well as key databases other than MEDLINE and other resources and search guidance. There will be time to discuss best approaches, ask questions and to share insights. The workshop will be facilitated by information specialists experienced in literature searching to inform systematic reviews and HTAs and in conducting research into the evidence base for information retrieval.

After the workshop, participants are welcome to complete exercises offline.  The exercises will be discussed in a one hour follow-up session where participants may also ask additional questions or discuss issues arising.

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