Hedging Your Bets: An Introductory Webinar on Locating and Using Search Hedges (online)

If you are new to searching or have searching experience and want to begin to learn one of the skills that all expert searchers and librarians on systematic review teams have, you’ll want to learn what search hedges can do for you.

Emily Brennan and Lynn Kysh, two highly experienced searchers and co-authors on systematic reviews, will introduce you to the world of search hedges–a combination of subject headings and keywords on a topic that are added to a search strategy to optimize retrieval.

Through a presentation, interactive polls, group discussion, and individual work, you’ll learn what a hedge is and how a hedge is created and validated to ensure it works properly. You’ll see how using a hedge can save you time and improve the quality of your searches, and you’ll discover where you can find existing hedges and the means to evaluate them.

You’ll leave the session with knowledge you can use in your next search and a list of hedge repositories and evaluation checklists you can use to identify hedges you can freely use.

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