Rapid Review Methods (online)


09:00 - 14:00

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Rapid reviews are increasingly undertaken to meet the demands of decision-makers, who need timely evidence to inform their decisions. Under such constraints, the time required to undertake a traditional systematic review may be prohibitive. Limited budgets to fund systematic reviews, may also increase pressure to fund a rapid review.

What does the course deliver?

If the review is to be delivered in a shorter time frame or a smaller budget, it may seem inevitable that it will no longer be able to remain transparent, rigorous, exhaustive and comprehensive. What are the implications of any shortcuts that might be taken? Can we measure the impact of such shortcuts? Which methods might be adopted when undertaking a rapid review? What do commissioners want? What is the balance between working smarter and shortchanging the commissioners? How do you create a team that can work together more efficiently within a shorter timescale? These questions will be explored through a detailed examination of tools that can be used and adapted to meet the particular needs of each rapid review.

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