Selecting and Using Data Extraction Tools (online)


13:00 - 14:30

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Gaelen P. Adam, a member of the team that developed the SRDR+ system for extracting and archiving systematic review data and an author on more than 20 reviews, will show you how you can expand your role in systematic reviews by learning how to find, assess, and use data extraction tools and advise teams on selecting a tool. Members of review teams may be unaware that data extraction tools exist or how to effectively use them. You’ll leave the webinar with powerful knowledge and skills that will significantly increase your value on review teams.

You’ll learn what data extraction tools are and how they work. You’ll explore ways to identify tools using the SR Toolbox, a free online catalog of systematic review tools. You’ll see how to classify tools based on their features and capabilities and gain an overview of the pluses and minuses of commonly used tools (e.g., EPPI Reviewer, Covidence, PICO Portal, as well as Word and Excel, and, of course, SRDR+). Data extraction tool development and refinement is ongoing, and if you understand how to use and evaluate tools, you’ll be able to monitor the literature and use the SR Toolbox to find new tools.

You’ll also learn what to consider when comparing and choosing a tool, incorporating team preferences, the review topic, and team needs. During the session, you’ll work through exercises to define a team’s needs based on cost, usability, product support, and what a team wants from a tool (e.g., flexibility or a prescribed approach, data extraction only or integration with literature identification and meta-analysis).

You’ll end the webinar with a group exercise in SRDR+ that includes designing a simple data extraction form and extracting a single randomized controlled trial into that form.

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